Beauty Maintenance Essentials: Tips for Caring for Each Skin Type

What is beauty? Why do some people have more visual appeal than others? What makes a woman beautiful? Real beauty comes from radiating personal acceptance and a sense of worth. However, we don’t always feel beautiful. There are days when you feel downright ugly, usually when you are feeling excessively stressed and worried. On days like this, some have found that, no matter how small, taking some action toward working on something they consider worthy, learning something new, or doing some activity in line with their values would make them feeling beautiful again. And when they are feeling beautiful, they are sending sweet bounty out into the world. And to make thinngs easier, you can seek help from some professionals at skin clinic Strathpine has today.

Overall health is a good goal for feeling and looking beautiful. When we take time to treat our bodies well, whether by exercising, eating well, grooming and taking care of our skin, or simply taking the time to get a good night’s rest, we shine.

This article highlights the different types of skin types so you can understand its quirks and functions:

Skin falls into four basic types:

1. Normal

2. Combination

3. Oily

4. Dry

Facts You Should Know

The largest organ of the body is the skin. When skin is healthy it is moist, smooth, soft and to some extent acidic. Our most fragile skin is on the eyelids. Our skin serves as a waterproof defensive structure to protect our bodies from outside elements. To get to know your skin type in more detail, you can always visit or consult with any skin clinic Strathpine has today thrugh SmartClinics have a set of trustworthy bulk billing doctors Ipswich has today. Some of the specialisations of any Ipswich doctor for skin therapy and anything skin-related are sure to help you with your specific needs.

Our Skin’s Functions

1. Protect us from injury

2. Excrete perspiration

3. Regulate heat

4. Sense touch

5. Produce sebum and oil to lubricate skin and hair

6. ’Breathe’ absorb oxygen and get rid of CO2

Skin Types


Normal skin is actually a rare skin type. The majority of people do not have normal skin. Normal skin looks healthy and unblemished. The oil /water balance in this skin type is good and the skin has a refined texture.


Most women have a combination skin type. The skin on the face dry areas and some oilier areas. The T-zone forehead, nose, and chin are generally oilier than the cheeks and outer areas of the face.


You can tell oily skin by a fast build-up of oil shortly after washing. Oily skin has large pores and needs to be cleansed and exfoliated more often than other skin types. Take care not to over cleanse or exfoliate too aggressively. Over cleansing and aggressive scrubbing will irritate the skin. When oily skin becomes irritated the sebaceous glands try to protect the skin by producing more oil. Oily skin routinely has blackheads, whiteheads, and blemishes. Teens and darker skinned women are more likely to have oily skin.

Home Care for Each Skin Type

Environmental factors are the skin’s worse enemy along with stress. Our skin is exposed to the heat of the sun, drying winds and the pollution of dust, grime and cigarette smoke. Perspiration and oil secreted from the sebaceous glands clog pores and make the skin appear greasy. Because of this, it has become important for us to use a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen every day. Knowing your skin type will help you select products that are right for your skin. With the right products, you will see the results you are looking for. To be sure, you can always consult with skin clinic Strathpine experts or even Ipswich doctors bulk billing today on what skin product you can use.

Normal Skin Type – Support moisture balance with the regular use of good cleanser and moisturiser.

Oily Skin Type – Control oil by using water-based product formulated for this skin type. Exfoliate regularly but not too aggressively as to irritate the skin. For oily skin with severe acne, consult a dermatologist.

Combination Skin Type – Control oil in the T-zone area. Keep dry areas hydrated. Use exfoliating scrub twice /week to diminish blemishes. Use the mask once /week to refine large pores. Take a look at